Meet Kendria Alexander the founder of Allure Creations. A Permanent Make Up and Beauty Studio that specializes in a wide range of luxurious personalized beauty services including professional teeth whitening, Ombre Powder and Combination Brows. Allure Creations was built on the passion for perfection and to provide every client with the very best services.

Allure Creations prides itself in making clients feel beautiful and confident. Kendria is proficient in rendering excellent service to her clients and stands by the quality of her work by using only the best quality products in the industry for her clients. With her outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and a natural eye for detail she is exceptional at assessing her clients’ needs; therefore, establishing a top notch Beauty Studio in the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry.

Kendria is passionate about what she does and is committed to helping her clients feel like the best version of themselves, because she believes that when you look beautiful, you feel beautiful, and that is the kind of contentment she tries to give to her clients. She builds trust with her clients by being honest and genuine, and creates a bond with them in an environment where communication is natural and open.

Kendria’s vast experience combined with her training by some of the industry’s most highly regraded professionals sees her clients transform into the best version of themselves. Kendria continues to expand her skills set to enable her to continue helping her clients feel self-assured by enhancing their natural beauty.