Ombre Powder Brows

This is NOT microblading. The procedure is less invasive and lasts longer. Ombre Powder brows is described by its name with results being powdery with a faded, gradient front and a crisp, sharp tail. You can choose a natural, medium or bold look.

Combination Brows

This technique consists of strokes that is similar to microblading, the difference is that the strokes are created by a machine and fine needle and not a microblading blade. As a result it is less painful than microblading and lasts longer.

Correction / Cover-up

Any previous work done by another artist is considered a Correction/Cover Up service with me. Old work MUST be faded at least 50% and is accepted on a case-by-case basis. A new shape may be achievable based on your previous work. Correction services may take up to several sessions to achieve the desired results and to save the integrity of your skin.

Touch Up

This service is for existing Allure Creations clients ONLY. This session is to enhance the color and redefine the shape.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

This service is painless and non-invasive with absolutely no harm done to your teeth. It will not whiten porcelain crowns or composite tooth colored bonding.

Tooth Gems

This service is the application of tooth jewels (Swarovski Gems) it is totally safe and non-invasive.